Soothing Mother's Care
With pure minerals and Crystal, this Lamp is designed to have you de-stressed and in a state of relaxation before you can even think about how to relief the hurting legs or the stressed back.. 

 crystal SALT Mineral Here

 Varicose veins

Expected Mothers may ease out on Varicose veins, the body soak and heat treatment of Salt Lmp is a wonderful experience. Relaxsation for both mother and child.

​​​Natural Salt Lamps

A Mother to be has a great need for natural minerals and elements essential for the baby in growth.The Baby while in womb takes all its growth essentials from the Mother.

As the Natural Mineral Rock crystal Salt Lamp radiates the pleasant light soothing for the Mother skin providing Mother-Care.

A great source for stress release.

The Mineral Rock Salt has 84 natural mineral which are good for Mother care a well.

The Celestine Glory of kits 9 Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp is a Mother care product as a healthy Mother will nurture a healthy Baby. 

As Pregnancy Care Material

kits9 Himalayan Mineral Salt Lamp 

when used regularly reduces stress. Supports Vascular System Increases Bone strength naturally ionizes the space. Use of lamp waves in the feet & lower legs reduce stress & swelling.

Salt Lamp  

Unique Salt Lamp light radiation between 300-700 nanometer soft pink to energetic yellow rich and healthy for a Pregnant woman, Ageing Parents,Asthmatic people...

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Body Wash Salt 

Use rock Salt granule trust us, you can’t go for a healthier treatment for your feet the soothe pink waves healing the skin, while the granules work a foot scrub.