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 crystal SALT Mineral Here

Himalayan Rock Salt lamp gives relief to ailing Bones Arthritis Internal hurts, Salt Imbalance, Depression and Energy loss,
Cleanses Air, is healthy for both You & Your Pets We all need the Mineral benefits of Natural Salt Lamp. The Pets can't speak but they do feel the effects and express the relief of Salt Lamp care.

Soothing Mother's Care

With pure minerals and Crystal, this Lamp is designed to have you de-stressed as it remove the Pets Dander  and makes the air fresher for your baby to breath. Get a dedicated natural Air cleanser.

Pet care Salt Lamp

Take the worries out of your hectic life with this relaxing Pet Care Lamp. It’s remarkably effective to help you forget even the toughest days.

Himalayan Salt Lamp Natural Mineral Rocks & Stones

Nourishing 84 Natural Salt Minerals 

Combined with minerals upto 84 in trace,  It is sure to alleviate even the grimmest of the Horses at race with just one salt lick.Large dogs like Saint Bernard d Doberman etc  when suffering from long time foot or joint pains have naturally adapted to the Salt Lamp warm vibrations. The soft light emission  is full of anions or positive ions good for healing Pets and domestic animals like-: Horses Dogs Cats Cows 

Refreshing Salt slab

This salt is sure to have your mouthwatering for salads, pickles chatani. With cottage cheese and mint extract a dip of Himalayan salt in the mint chatani gets your senses up !