​​​Natural Salt Lamps

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 crystal SALT Mineral Here

 Natural Salt anions removes EMF 

Remove electromegnatic field created by T.V Computers, WiFi etc .Salt lamps create an environment rich in negative ions that have a wonderfully positive effect on your physical, emotional, mental, and even spiritual health

Mothers Care

This Lamp is sure to have your senses and body tingling with joy. With 84 natural  balancing minerals.Relaxes the swollen feet during pregnancy.Takes off Bacteria in the AIR making  indoor air Naturally Fresh.

Utterly delicious Effect 

Take the worries out of your hectic life with this relaxing taste maker. Baked / Cooked meals served on salt slabs/ brick are mouth watering. Natural Salt sure to help you forget even the toughest days.Minerals base nutritious salt slab flight to health.

Remodel and upgrade your Energy Level Now!       

Use Himalayan Natural Rock Salt Lamp.

Build up Your Health and Happiness System.

Multi Utility Salt Lamp

Nourishing 84 Natural Salt Minerals 

Combined with WARM and ENERGISING, light is sure to alleviate even the driest of skins with just one use. And it’s dermatologically tested and safe for all skin types.While you relax by the night the lamp groomes your skin.  

Salt Lamp Yoga Tool

With pure minerals and energy boosting freshness , this Lamp is simply designed to have you de-stressed and in a state of relaxation before you can start up your Yoga Gyming workouts

Pet care Salt Lamp

Take the worries out of your life with Salt Lamp as ailing Pet relaxes in the soft flow of energy. It’s remarkably effective to help in natural soft heat treatment and the Pet forgets even the tough Muscle-joint pain.