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Orchid Soap

With jasmine and just a touch of orchid, this soap is sure to make you feel at peace on even the worst day.

Olive Soap

Trust us, you can’t smell the olives, but you can feel them soothe even the driest skin.

natural Himalayan  MINERALS  

salt Lamp 

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Citrus Salt Blend

Our unique blend of grapefruit, oranges, and tangerines is sure to awaken all of your senses. 

 Mother Nature's healing 

We only use certifiably Himalayan rock salt lamps. Made of materials rocks that we hand pick ourselves, deep in the calm of the Hindukush mountains the most remote areas around.We take the trouble to see you PAIN FREE! STRESS FREE!

Let Mother Nature give you healing warmth.Order now a genuine Kits9 Himalayan Salt Lamp

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