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Calming Rejuvenating Effect 

Take the worries off your busy life with this relaxing chunks of Pink Himalayan Salt they are good to take a morning  lier off . They are full of natural minerals so a table spoon of salt water may just be right for a hectic day. The Salt granul are great for a bath or  warm foot soak..

The Most Popular Products:

 Salt Lamp Detox

Trust us, you can be relaxed in no time when your foot is given salt rub with lamp energy.

Himalayan Salt Crystals look good they are amazing !

Relieve the foot stress and soften under feet hard skin to comfort ! 

Rejoice with multi minerals wash effect of Natural Crystal Salt !

natural Himalayan  MINERALS  

salt Lamp 

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Relief knee pain 

With all medications and treatments a touch of healing rays from the Himalayan Crystal Lamp may do a progressive relief.

Citrus Salt Blend

Our unique blend of  Citrine and Natural Salt is sure to while pickling is a natural preservative. A pinch of Natural Himalayan salt consumed in your fruit juice stimulates in case of foot cramps.