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Ayurveda notifies Rejuvenating Effect of Himalayan Salt 
Take the worries off your busy life with this relaxing crushed of Pink Himalayan Salt they are good to take a morning  elixier with Lemon and Salt for a digestive system cleansing and weight control measure.A pinch of natural minerals salt water may just be right for a hectic day. 

Citrus Salt Blend

Our unique blend of grapefruit, oranges, and tangerines is sure to awaken all of your senses.When a pinch of Natural Himalayan salt granules are consumed in your fruit juice. 

natural Himalayan  MINERALS  

salt Lamp 

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 Natural Himalayan rock salt lamp

Your gain is a healthy Physicality is 100%       The Salt  Lamp works as an Air ionizer, naturally purifies  and enrich the atmosphere,

 Being multifunction type helps reduce the pain in case of Frozen shoulder, Varicose veins, Sports injury.....

It's warm soothing waves of rich natural elements are a relief from Stress

 Himalayan salts are mineral packed crystals form naturally in the earth, these crystals are made up of 85.62% sodium chloride and 14.38% other trace minerals like fluoride, magnesium, calcium, potassium, bicarbonate, bromide, borate, strontium, sulphate and so on...

Salt Service Tray

With touch of minerals and energetic salt when salads are served on this Salt tray the sprouts and cheese get a rich taste and it is sure to make you feel different.

The Most Popular Products: Himalayan Natural Salt Granule Service Salt Tray 

Many thanks to the reference i took from :  https://www.epa.gov/indoor-air-quality-iaq

Salt Granule

Trust us, you can use Salt Granule for bath you can feel them soothe even the driest skin.

Benefit of Himalayan Salt Lamp

The air around the lamp is allergen free, enabling the immune system to strengthen and balance out. Rock salt released penetrates deep into the bronchial tubes and absorbs mucus from swollen mucus membranes.

Thick mucus becomes thinner and is released more easily. The airways expand which eases breathing, inhalation and exhalation. This allows for deeper and improved sleeping!.