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Kits9.com Himalayan salt lamp can be Placedt At Workplace/Office, Bedroom, Study Room, Meditation / Massage Rooms, Hospital / Recovery Rooms. Due to It’s Hygroscopic Properties (absorbing moisture from the air) 

Calming Rejuvenating Effect 

Take the worries off your busy life with this relaxing chunks of Pink Himalayan Salt they are good to take a morning  elixier off . They are full of natural minerals so a table spoon of salt water may just be right for a hectic day. The Salt granules are great for a bath or  warm foot soak..

 The Kits9 Himalayan Salt lamp salt crystal lamps can increase the negative ion count of the air we breathe by up to 300%.In nature, negative ions are created by wind, sunlight, surf,  waterfalls and rainstorms or found in the mountains or in nature. There are two verity of ions which are called positive ions and negative ions. Positive ions in medical terms are those  that are harmful to human and animal nature.However the negative ions are good the scientist claim that air born Bactria can be easily killed by a few negative ions.

The Most Popular Products Effects

Alternative  Healing  Air ionizing Meditation-Yoga room conditioning Physio- therapy  Reiki Aura Cleaning Prana
Energy Purification Wellness tool for Expectant Mothers

Ayurveda uses Himalayan Rock Salt for Vatta Pitha Khapha Dosha nivaran, Also Asthma, allergy symptoms, ear infections, cough, sinusitis and rhinitis, bronchial diseases, runny nose, snoring and sleep problems, may be helped with the use of a Himalayan salt lamp.

Crystal Salt lamp next to your computer helps counter EMF (electromagnetic radiation) organically, 

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 Natural Himalayan rock salt lamp        widely used product  


Healing Harmony Purification.

100% relief in Joint -Muscle pains is experienced by regular uses of the product.  

Himalayan Salt Crystals look good they are amazing ! 
Relieve the foot stress and soften under feet hard skin to comfort ! 
Rejoice with multi minerals wash effect of Natural Crystal Salt !

natural soap
deadsea minerals

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Essential Health   Protection           for   Healing Harmony Purification

In Pets corner. Pets Dander  is removed by Daily Salt Lamp use,  remember You & Your Pet need the Mineral benefits of Natural Salt Lamp.Type your paragraph here.

Mother Nature's healing 

We only use certifiably Himalayan rock salt lamps. Made of materials rocks that we hand pick ourselves, deep in the calm of the Hindukush mountains the most remote areas around.We take the trouble to see you PAIN FREE! STRESS FREE!