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 Natural Himalayan rock salt lamp        widely used product  
Healing Harmony Purification.
100% relief in Joint -Muscle pains is experienced by regular uses of the product.  

natural Himalayan  MINERALS  

salt Lamp 

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Fire Ball Lamp

With fire ball lamp a touch of energy turches the room, this salt lamp is sure to make you feel at peace on even the worst day.

Pillar Salt Lamp

Our pure salt Pillars are now shaped for gorgeous light blend of anions and energy is sure to awaken all of your senses. 

continuous use of kits9 Himalayan Salt Lamp is essential for health preservation..

​The Rock Salt Lamp is 100% Natural &Handcrafted.It can be used in the bedroom computer or study room or where grandparents are as the vibrations a warm and soothing & helpful in providing relief for asthma and sinusitis

How Salt Lamp improves Home and Office condition?                 Often office workers who suffer health complaints around fluorescent lighting and computer monitors report considerably less fatigue and headaches if concentration of positive ions in the air is increased. Himalayan Salt Lamp increases the negative ions. Like when we visit a sea-side or mount or forest area the healthy sea air, mountain air and the air around swiftly running water is high in negative ions. When human beings get into an environment where negative ions are more their ability to breathe fresh - breath better excels. The ionizing quality of breath makes the brain clearer and body function better.

 Salt Lamp Cube

Trust us, you can’t wait to feel the natushing warmth of the Rock Salt Cube Lamp, useing this your skin will glow and air will freshen up.


The air around the lamp is allergen free, enabling the immune system to strengthen and balance out. Rock salt released penetrates deep into the bronchial tubes and absorbs mucus from swollen mucus membranes.
Thick mucus becomes thinner and is released more easily. The airways expand which eases breathing, inhalation and exhalation. This allows for deeper and improved sleeping!

 crystal SALT Mineral Here

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